Thursday, March 7, 2013

More news soon (I swear!)

I was hoping that, once I graduated from college, I'd blog more regularly about things I'm developing (and other things that randomly pass through my mind). Apparently, that hasn't been the case so far, but I promise I'll spill the beans soon on some new projects that I'm working on.

Yes, that is "projects" with an 's'. I had gotten so used to student teaching by day, marching in the Blue Band by evening, and developing games by night (as well as writing lesson plans sometime in between), that I'm still trying to run my brain into the ground. Being a substitute teacher is certainly tiring, but it doesn't require the caliber of dedication I've grown accustomed to, so I think I might be overcompensating just a little bit with this stuff.

I am well into the development of two projects. Neither are games (I know, weird) but I think you'll find both to be pretty unique and interesting in their own ways. I'm sure I'll be showing off at least one of them very soon, so keep checking once in a while.

I've also just started a third project, and this one really is a game (my first one since Fight on State). I've only been working on it for a few days, and I only have a general concept to work with so far, so that is likely to change quite a bit between now and whenever it's released. It's easily my most ambitious game yet, and I'm not sure how I'm going to do it all--but that's half the fun of game development!

And one last thing. I made a Facebook page for Cyclone Kick Studio. There aren't any posts on it yet because, you know, my nose is too far into whatever I'm programming to actually talk it about it. But I'll post some things to it soon. I swear I will.

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