Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Fight on State, the 3D sequel to FOS now available!

Surprise! For the past 6 months, I've been quietly working on a sequel to Fight on State. It's called New Fight on State, based on the version of "Fight On, State!" that the Blue Band plays during Pregame and parades, "NFOS".

New Fight on State was completely remade from the ground up in 3D using the Unity game engine. This is the first 3D game I've ever made, so I had a lot to learn about creating 3D models of everything as well as programming in another dimension. This game was quite an undertaking for me, so I hope you try it and enjoy it!

NFOS is available now on iOS and Android devices (on the same day this time)! Additionally, the iOS version is a universal app, so it runs on iPads without stretching--and might I say, it looks absolutely incredible on an iPad with Retina Display!

You can follow these links to download NFOS right now: