Fight on State

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It's time for Pregame with the Pennsylvania State University Marching Blllllllue Band!

One for the money, two for the show, three get—wait a minute!  The football team is still warming up, but the Blue Band is ready to perform!

Help the drum major strut through the band to land his flip. As superstition says, the final score hinges on whether or not the Blue Band drum major lands his flips in Pregame. 108,000 screaming fans are depending on you!

Fight for her honor and download Fight on State today!

- Fight on State is the first mobile game featuring a collegiate-level marching band!
- Strike your gait and win by doing the drum major's famous flip between rounds!
- Play as the feature twirler in bonus rounds to see how high you can throw the baton!
- Can you survive the whiteout to double your score?
- Victory we predict for thee! Compare your scores with the Penn State family through Game Center!
- Learn the words to your favorite Penn State songs!
- View the Blue Band's performance schedule!

There are no more Saturdays. Only Gamedays.

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