Saturday, November 10, 2012

FOS Update 1.0.1

I'm busier than ever with student teaching and Blue Band, so I haven't had a chance to write about how Fight on State has done since its launch over 2 weeks ago.

However, don't let that understate the success this game as already seen: we've gotten over 6000 downloads since launch (over 3000 the first day), and there's plenty more every day. FOS rose to be the 148th most popular free game on the app store on its launch day, as well as placing high in its genre categories (rising to the 30's and 40's in each).

I can't thank all of you enough for supporting what started out as just a crazy idea, especially for the 76-and-counting 5-star reviews on the app store.

I was working on an update to the game since before it even launched, and it has just gone live. I rewrote a ton of code to improve its performance on all devices, especially the iPhone 4, on which it runs much more smoothly now. I also added silks and majorettes to the ranks of marchers. You were not forgotten!

There's also a little secret that you can find if you are really good or really lucky, though only members of the Blue Band will likely be able to truly appreciate it. See if you can find it!