Demonic Desserts

Download Demonic Desserts for iOS and Android:

Hordes of evil sweets are taking over the world! Will your magic powers be enough to stop them?

Though your calorie-filled enemies are relentless, you have a few tricks up your sleeve, too! When you attack a snack-monster, all enemies standing on matching tiles also take damage. Plus, you can instantly KO desserts on tiles that match their own color. Pick your targets carefully to prevent them from reaching you!

Play through two game modes: a 24-level Story Mode and an endless Survival Mode. In each, you’ll unlock a dozen power-ups that will help you stay alive and boost your scores!

- Learn how to play and find out what happened to the world in the 24-level Story Mode!
- See how long you can stay alive while fighting the never-ending hordes in Survival Mode!
- Unlock 12 different power-ups from explosive spells to score multipliers!
- Fight in 8 different environments, including an arid desert, the city streets, and even the moon!
- Compare your high scores with your friends’ through Game Center!

Bonus: This app contains 0 calories, making it way healthier for you than the evil desserts you’ll be blasting away!

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