Get Uketility on your iPad or Android tablet!

Transform your tablet into a fully playable ukulele and let our built-in tools teach you the basics!

With Uketility, you can hold your tablet just like the actual instrument, using multi-touch gestures to press the frets and strum just like a real ukulele! The frets are labeled and color-coded to distinguish between pitches, and the second ukulele on the screen shows exactly which frets are being held under your fingers.

Use the built-in tools to learn how to play a ukulele:

- The Rhythms Tool lets you play through 15 rhythm-game-style patterns, each with 3 difficulty levels. Earn silver and gold stars based on how well you perform!

- The Chords Tool shows you the fingerings for 36 of the most common chords you can play!

- The Metronome will help you keep a steady tempo as you play your own music!

Customize the ukulele to fit your needs:
- Switch between right-handed and left-handed orientations
- Turn off color-coding of the fret labels or remove the labels entirely
- Play on a ukulele with all frets visible or on one with exact real-world dimensions

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