Cyclone Kick Studio

Cyclone Kick Studio is a small developer of games (and more) focused primarily on iOS and Android platforms. We love to bring crazy ideas to life.

Email: contact@cyclonekick.com
Facebook: Cyclone Kick Studio
Twitter: @CycloneKick

Max Besong, Owner/Developer

Max has been building games for as long as he can remember (really since 2010, but game development can make everything seem like a blur sometimes). He is an alumnus of Penn State with a degree in math education, played trumpet in the Blue Band, and has a decade of experience in Tang Soo Do—so pretty much a little of everything. His hobbies include daydreaming, running up steep hills, and eating anything loaded with dark chocolate. In the future, he plans to learn how to skydive and do parkour at the same time (preferably while being interviewed by Stephen Colbert).

His motto is, "If something sounds crazy, stupid, and/or impossible, it's probably a good idea," and he doesn't give up on anything despite all logical arguments against it. He is probably doing something really dumb right now, like writing a self-deprecating bio.

Email: max@cyclonekick.com
Twitter: @mgbesong

Becky Guldin, Public Relations Director

Becky is a current senior at Penn State. In May 2014, she will graduate with a double degree in Public Relations and Women’s Studies and a minor in Sociology. A trumpet and ukulele player, Becky is a proud member of the Penn State Blue Band and is serving her second term as Vice President. Someday, she hopes to own a food truck and visit Costa Rica again. She has a chronic case of Stickittodaman-neosis. Ice cream is Becky’s biggest passion.

Twitter: @ragu_ldin